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Carl Bernstein Biography

Carl Bernstein is an American investigative journalist and author. In addition to that, he is the author or co-author of six books including All the President’s Men. Additionally, he is a regular political commentator on CNN. Moreover, he has also done reporting for television and opinion commentary. Additionally, he is the author of some books.

Carl Bernstein Age

Born in the year 1944 on the month of February 14th. Currently, he is at the age of 78 years as of the year 2022.

Carl Bernstein Height

He is of average stature even according to his appearance. Today, a standing height of 5feet 8inches.

Carl Bernstein Weight

Apparently, on his appearance, he might look quite heavy but he is not. So, according to statistics states that he weighs an average of 70 kgs.

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Carl Bernstein Family

However, he was born in Washington DC, therefore, making him an American citizen by birth. Originally, he is from a Secular Jewish family. Nevertheless, he was raised by both his parents the mother Sylvia and his father Alfred Bernstein. In addition to that, both of his parents were civil rights activists. Moreover, they were members of the Communists Party in the 1940s.

Carl Bernstein Education

So, after his primary education, he attended the Montgomery Blair High school which is Silver Springs, Maryland. Apparently, that is where he also worked as a circulation and exchange manager for the school’s newspaper. Later on, he managed to get a college degree to write for the paper. So, during his time at the University of Maryland, there was a time he got dismissed out of school for failure. In the year 1965, he became a full-time reporter for the Elizabeth Daily Journal in New Jersey.

Carl Bernstein Career

Regardless, of his young age, he still had a passion for journalism. He actually, began his career at the age of 16 years when he became a copyboy for the Washington star and moved too quickly through the ranks. So after, his chase out of school that’s is when he began officially after being a full-time reporter at Elizabeth Daily Journal in New Jersey.

While there, he received the first prize of his career during New Jersey’s press association for investigative reporting, feature writing, and news on a deadline. Later on, in the year 1972, he was assigned with Bob Woodward to cover the break-in at the Watergate office complex that had occurred that morning. Bernstein, later on, left the post in the year 1977 and he then expanded into other areas due to his reputation on the Watergate reporting.

Later on, in the year 1992, he even wrote a cover story for the New Republic Magazine indicating journalism. Presently, in 2012 he spoke in a rally that was an opposition Iranian organization that had previously been listed as a foreign terrorist organization. So, basically, that is his career.

Carl Bernstein’s Net worth

However, he has gained his wealth as a result of his career as a journalist which is his main source of income. Currently, is estimated at a range of $16 million.

Carl Bernstein Salary

Unfortunately, we do not have details on his actual salary by now. But we promise to update you as soon as possible. Even though, he is ranked as one of the well-paid journalists.

Carl Bernstein Spouse

However, his career and fame he has a family that he goes back to. Presently, records say he has been into three different marriages. Firstly, he was with his fellow reporter by the name Carol Honsa who was at the Washington Post. Secondly, he tried out with Nora Ephron who was a director and a writer. Although, they did try for five years that is from 1976 to 1980. Thirdly, he got into another marriage with a former model Christine Kuehbeck in the year 2003.

So, during his marriage with the second wife is when he met up with Margaret Jay. Apparently, they got into a relationship. Even though, by the time he had a son with Ephron by name Max. Later on, she learned about her husband’s affair and had to get a divorce. Unfortunately, this led to her baby being born premature birth. In spite of all this, she did not give but strength and even wrote her book Heartburn. While single he began dating other ladies. So, he began with Bianca Jagger, Martha Stewart, and finally Elizabeth Taylor.


Besides all his relationships, he still had a blessing of a son with his second wife Ephron.


While a young reporter he was very investigative so, therefore, was teamed up with Bob Woodward to cover the case of Watergate break-in that had occurred earlier that morning in June 1972.


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