Christopher Hitchens Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Net worth, Wife, Children, Death, Books

Christopher Hitchens's image
Christopher Hitchens's image

Christopher Hitchens Biography

Christopher Eric Hitchens was a famous British-American author, journalist, orator, and columnist. Hitchens has written over 30 books,  including five essays on culture, politics, and literature. Christopher described himself as a democratic socialist and anti-theist. Therefore he was a member of various socialist organizations throughout his life, including the International Socialists. As well as those who saw all religions as false, harmful and authoritarian respectively. He further argued for free expression and scientific discovery and asserted that they were superior to religion as an ethical code of conduct for human civilization. In addition to that, Hitchens was a heavy smoker and drinker since his teenage years, Hitchens died from complications related to esophageal cancer in December 2011.

Christopher Hitchens Age

Hitchens was born in the year 1949 on 12th April in Portsmouth, Hampshire England. However, he died when he was at the age of 62 in 2011.

Christopher Hitchens Height

Hitchens’s body measurement height was 1.75 meters tall.

Christopher Hitchens Weight

At the moment we haven’t received any information regarding his weight. However, we promise to update it once we fetch it.

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 Educational Background

Christopher was born in  Portsmouth, Hampshire, and he was the elder of two boys. Peter his brother became a socially conservative journalist. Above all Hitchens’s parents, Eric Ernest Hitchens and Yvonne Jean Hitchens, met in Scotland when serving in the Royal Navy during World War II.

Later Hitchens went to Mount House School in Tavistock, Devon,  from the age of eight, and then to Leys School in Cambridgeshire. Both schools were independent schools.

After graduating, Hitchens went to Balliol College, Oxford in 1967. Therefore his studies were about Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and were tutored by Steven Lukes and Anthony Kenny.

While in school in 1965 Christopher joined the Labor party, but along with the majority of the Labour students’ organization was expelled in 1967.

Hitchens later forged an ideological interest in Trotskyism and anti-Stalinist socialism. So shortly after that Eric joined “a small but growing post-Trotskyist Luxemburgist sect”.

Christopher Hitchens Career

Hitchens began working as a correspondent for the magazine International Socialism. It was published by the International Socialists, the forerunners of today’s British Socialist Workers Party.

In 1971 Christopher went to work at Times Higher Education Supplement where he served as a social science correspondent. Later went to work in  New Statesman in 1973.

During the time when Hitchens was in Greece in November 1973, his reporting was about the constitutional crisis of the military junta. Notably, it became his first leading article for the New Statesman.

Hitchens then went to America in 1981 as part of an editor exchange program between the New Statesman and The Nation.

Later Hitchens started to write monthly Essy in The Atlantic and occasionally contributed to other literary journals. Hitchens in 2009, was written down by  Forbes magazine as one of the “25 most influential liberals in the U.S. media”. Christopher also wrote book-length biographical essays on Thomas Jefferson.

Net worth

His estimated net worth was  $4 million dollars.

Christopher Hitchens Wife

Hitchens was first a husband to Eleni Meleagrou from 1981 to 1989 then later took Carol Blue as his wife from 1991 till 2011 when he died.


Christopher’s children are as follows

  1. Alexander Hitchens
  2. Sophia Hitchens
  3. Antonia Hitchens


In 2010 during his Hitch-22 promotion in new york Hitchens was taken into emergency care suffering from a severe pericardial effusion. Later he announced postponing his tour to undergo treatment for oesophageal cancer.

As a heavy smoker and drinker since his teenage years, Hitchens acknowledged that these habits were likely to have contributed to his illness.

During his illness, Hitchens was under the care of Francis Collins and was the subject of Collins’s new cancer treatment. It maps out the human genome and selectively targets damaged DNA.

Christopher, therefore, passed on of pneumonia on 15 December 2011 in the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, aged 62.



  1. God Is Not Great
  2. Hitch-22
  3. Arguably Christopher Hitchens
  4. Mortality (book)
  5. Letters to a Young Contrarian
  6. The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice
  7. The Trial of Henry Kissinger
  8. Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man: A Biography
  9. Why Orwell Matters
  10. The Portable Atheist
  11. The Four Horsemen: The Conversation That Sparked an Atheist Revolution
  12. No One Left to Lie To
  13. Love, Poverty, and War
  14. Thomas Jefferson: Author of America
  15. And Yet…: Essays
  16. Christopher Hitchens: The Last Interview: And Other Conversations
  17. Arguably: Selected Essays
  18. For the sake of argument
  19. Blood, Class, and Nostalgia
  20. Unacknowledged Legislation: Writers in the Public Sphere