Jason Chaffetz, Bio, Age, Height, Family, Net Worth, Salary, Wife 

Jason Chaffetz"s image
Jason Chaffetz"s image

Jason Chaffetz Biography

Jason Chaffetz is a retired politician who used to serve as the U.S representative for Uta”s district. This was from the year 2009 to 2017. In addition, Jason is a Fox News contributor, and also the host of Jason in the House.  Nevertheless, Jason has been serving as a frequent guest host since he joins Fox News contributor.

Jason Chaffetz Age

Jason Chaffetz was born on March 26, 1967. Moreover, he is currently 54 years old, he is yet to celebrate his birthday.


Chaffetz has a moderate body that weighs 75 kgs. However, we don’t have much about his body measurements but we will update you as soon as possible.


His height stands at 1.75 meters.

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Jason Chaffetz Family

Jason was raised in different areas, this includes Colorado, Califonia, and Arizona. However, he was born in Los Gatos.

Nevertheless, his father John A  was the owner of the Los Angeles Azectic group in the late 1970s, as a professional soccer team. However, his mother Margret A Wood ran a photography business. In addition, she was also a Christian scientist, then, later on, she became a member of the church of  Jesus Christ of a latter-day saint.

Moreover, Jason”s grandfather Maxwell Chaffetz was a son of immigrants from Russia.

However, Jason”s father before mate his mather he was married to Kitty Dukakis, who later married Micheal Dukakis. Not to mention, his father”s relationship with Kitty lasted for four years.

Jason Chaffetz Education Background

Jason attended Middle Park high school in Granby Colorado. Later he joined Brigham Young University this was an athletic relationship.

However, in the years 1988 and 1989, he played for the Brigham Young University football team. Moreover, Chaffetz still held the school”s individual records for most extra points attempted in a game, this is as of 2011.

Later on, Jason joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day saint, this was during his college years.

Jason Chaffetz Career

After College Chaffetz fast wark was at Public Relations for Multi-Level Marketing Company, however, he worked there for decades.

Moreover, Jason announced that he is testing the waters for a congressional run against six-term incumbent Chris cannon, this was before the 110th congress was sworn in.

Nevertheless, after nine months on Octo0ber 1 2007,  Chaffetz formally entered the race for the Republican nomination. However, that was the same day that David Leavitt issued the press announcing his campaign had raised 100,000 U.s dollars to challenge Cannon.

Not to mention, Jason sent a miller announcing that he would run a different Campaign, this was after the republican election in the year 2008 March.

Chaffetz ran to Cannon”s right hand though he was one of the most conservative members of the house.

However, later on, Jason won 59 percent of the third District delegates to Cannon”s 41 percent, this was on May 10, 2008 state convention. In addition, Jason came with a few hundred votes short of ending Cannon”s career that he had tallied 60 percent of the delegates.

Nevertheless, in 2008 during general elections, Jason faced Democratic Bennion Spenser, along with Jim Noorlander of the constitution party.


Later in 2006, he announced that at the state of the congressional term that he would be sleeping on a cot in his office than renting in Washington D.C apartment.

Moreover, in 2010 he won reelection to the second term capturing 72 percent of the votes. In addition, Jason used to work as a representative of the Mitty Romney Presidential Campaign, this was in the year 2012 during primary season.

Chaffetz suddenly announced that he would neither seek reelection to the United States House of Representatives on April 19, 2017.

Nevertheless, Jason became a commentator and author after leaving his office, and join the network in 2017. However, he serves on Fox News as a frequent guest host.

Net Worth

Chaffetz”s net worth is estimated to be $7885o6.


He earns a salary that adds up to 170,000 U.S dollars.

Jason Chaffetz Wife

Jason is married to Julie Chaffetz in the year 1991. They have a good and happy family which consists of three children who are Ellis Chaffetz,  Max Chaffetz, and Kate Chaffetz.


Jason has three children Kate Chaffetz, Max Chaffetz, and Ellis Chaffetz.


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