Kirsten Powers, Bio, Age, Height, Weight, CNN, Family, Net Worth, Salary, Husband

Kirsten Powers's image
Kirsten Powers's image

Kirsten Powers Biography

Kirsten Anne Powers(Kirsten Powers) is a famous liberal columnist, author, and political analyst. Powers presently writes for USA Today and is an on-air political analyst at CNN. So at CNN, she appears frequently on Anderson Cooper 360° and The Lead with Jake Tapper. In addition,  The New Republic did note Powers “held her own in any debate” at Fox News and also did quote columnist Erik Wemple, who called her “a ferocious advocate for her points of view”.

Kirsten Powers Age

She was born in the year 1967 on the 14th of December in the United States. So Powers is currently 54 years of age and she is yet to celebrate her 55th birthday.

Kirsten Powers Height

Powers is a beautiful woman with an average height by the look of her photos. However, her exact body measurement height is estimated to be around 5ft and 7inches which is equivalent to 1.70 meters tall.

Kirsten Powers Weight

Her body measurement weight by the look of her photos seems to be moderate and she also seems to maintain it to keep looking awesome. However, her weight measurement is approximately around 60 kilograms.

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Kirsten was born in the United States, However, her loving parents moved to  Fairbanks, Alaska when she was at the age of three. Thought her father and mother were both archaeologists and they have an Irish-American heritage. Just as she was young and growing up Powers did develop an interest in politics and debate with being “expected to state and defend my positions on the issues of the day every night at dinner”.

Kirsten Powers Education

She did attend Monroe Catholic High School in Fairbanks, Alaska, and in 1986 she did graduate from high school and then joined the University of Maryland. Later after graduating from the University of Maryland, Powers went to Georgetown University Law Center for a year and a half.


Prior to joining CNN, Powers was a political analyst and contributor for Fox News, and here he did appear frequently across the channel including Special Report with Bret Baier, Fox News Sunday, The Kelly File, and The O’Reilly Factor. Besides that, The Columbia Journalism Review did describe her as “an outspoken liberal journalist”.

In addition, Ann also was a columnist for the New York Post, and after that, she later went to The Daily Beast, which she left to join USA Today. Nevertheless, her first column appearance was at The American Prospect, and her several articles have emerged in USA Today, Elle, the New York Observer, Salon, and the Wall Street Journal.

Above all, Kirsten did begin her career as a staff with the Clinton-Gore presidential transition team in 1992, then followed by an appointment as Deputy Assistant U.S. rade Representative for Public Affairs in the Clinton administration from 1993 to 1998. Additionally, Powers subsequently did work in numerous roles, including press secretary, communications consultant, and party consultant


Kirsten supports universal health care. Consequently, she initially did support President Barack Obama’s health care reform, but later became critical of its implementation.  She did oppose the  Fairness Doctrine, and a constitutional amendment to ban flag burning. However, Powers still supports comprehensive immigration reform and also provides a path to citizenship for illegal aliens, and favors gun control.

Furthermore, in 2019 February, Kirsten publicly did apologize for having been “too judgmental and condemning” in her statements on social media and also in the press. Still on that, She stated that, when criticizing others for poor behavior, she had not properly conceded “the humanity of everyone involved”.

Kirsten Powers Net Worth

Powers is a famous liberal columnist, author, and political analyst whose net worth is approximately around $ 20 million dollars.


The annual salary that she receives per year is approximately around $ 950,000 dollars.

Kirsten Powers Husband|Spouse

She was a wife to Marty Makary from 2010 to 2013. She is currently happily engaged to an author, and writer for New York Times Magazine and also National Geographic.


The information about her children is not available but we will update you soon once we come across it during our research.

How old is Kirsten Powers?

She was born in the year 1967 on the 14th of December in the United States and is currently 54 years of age.