Liz Jackson Bio, Age, Height, Family, Education, Career, Net worth, Husband, Children

Liz Jackson Image
Liz Jackson Image

Liz Jackson Biography

Liz Jackson was a famous Australian journalist and barrister. Moreover,  noted for her work on the Four Corners and Media Watch television programs. In addition to that, she is also an award-winning journalist for excellence in journalism.

Liz Jackson Age/Death

Born in the year 1951 as of our sources. Unfortunately died at the age of 67 years old in the year 2018. His exact month and date of birth are not identified but we will update as soon as possible.

Liz Jackson Height

However, she is of average stature. Standing at a height of 5ft 7inches. Approximately, 1.70m when converted.

Liz Jackson Weight

Currently, we do not have any information relating to her weight. However, we will update you as soon as possible.

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Liz Jackson Family

So, she actually grew up in Melbourne, Australia. Unfortunately, we do not have many details concerning her family.

Liz Jackson Education

Nevertheless, she commenced work with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in 1986.

Liz Jackson Career

Her first job was as work with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in 1986. Prior to her career with the ABC. In addition to that, he also worked in a community legal center in Australia and practiced law in London as a barrister at Gray’s Inn. Jackson returned to Australia and worked for the NSW Premier’s Department, in the Women’s Coordination Unit, dealing with laws to protect women from violence.

Later on, after joining Four Corners as an investigative reporter in 1994, she was awarded Walkley Awards, Australia’s awards for journalism, on five occasions for her work on the following:

  • The situation in Somalia (1993)
  • The suicide of Aboriginal activist Rob Riley
  • “Fixing Cricket”, a report about cricket match-fixing (2000)
  • “Go to jail”, regarding the Northern Territory’s mandatory sentencing laws (2000)
  • “Putting the Children at Risk”, an investigation into the New South Wales Government Department of Community Services (2002)

Apart from that, she received three Logie Awards for “Fixing Cricket” and stories related to the Blackhawk disaster and HIV transmission from a doctor’s surgery. Moreover, she hosted the media-criticism program Media Watch, before stepping down in December 2005 and returning to Four Corners at the start of 2005.

Liz Jackson’s Net worth

Currently, she is dead but still before her death she had an average net worth ranging from $ 1million to $5 million. Furthermore, this includes all her assets.

Liz Jackson Husband

However, she was in a happy marriage with her husband Martin Butler before her death in 2018. They had just gotten married in the year 2018.


After a long battle with Parkinson’s disease, the much-loved wife, mother, and grandmother died peacefully in her sleep while on holiday in Greece with her husband by her side. Her daughter, Rose Jackson, is a Labor member of the New South Wales Legislative Council. However, her other children have not been in the public but we will update them as soon as possible.


  • The Methodology and Philosophy of Collective Writing
  • Contesting Education and Identity in Hong Kong Liz Jackson
  • Educational Assessment in Tanzania: A Sociocultural Perspective Liz Jackson
  • Beyond Virtue: The Politics of Educating Emotions
  • Questioning Allegiance: Resituating Civic Education Liz Jackson
  • Muslims and Islam in U.S. Education: Reconsidering Multiculturalism Liz Jackson


  1. two Law Society Golden Gavel awards
  2. a Eureka award for excellence in environmental journalism
  3. the Victorian Premier’s Prize for Literature.


Regardless, of her hard work, it was all going down in the year 2016 November. So, that was when she revealed she had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2014, with the release of a documentary called “A Sense of Self” broadcast as an episode of Four Corners. Finally, died in her sleep while on holiday in Greece on 27 June 2018, at the age of 67.