Mark Levin, Bio, Age, Weight, Height, Family, Fox News, Net Worth, Wife, Salary, Children, Books

Mark Levin"s image
Mark Levin"s image

Mark Levin Biography

Mark Levin joined the Fox News Channel in November 2017, as a host of Fox News Channel Live Liberty and Levin. Not to mention, he is also a radio personality, lawyer, and author from America. In addition, Mark was the chief staff for attorney general Edwin Meese and also in the administration of President Ronald Reagan.  Moreover, Levin is the former President of  Landmark Legal Foundation.

Mark Levin Age

Mark was born on September 21, 1957, in Philadephia Pennsylvania  United States. Not to mention, he is presently 65 years old.


His weight stands at 84kgs


Mark”s has an average body height that stands at 6 feet. Furthermore, he is a little bit tall. Moreover, it is unfortunate that we don’t have much about his body measurements but we will update you as soon as possible.

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Mark Levin Family

He was born in Philadephia Pennsylvania, however, he is one of the three boys in their family. Not to mention, his father Jack E. Levin, during his lifetime was the author of several books.

Education Background

He joined Cheltenham High School and graduated after 3 years. Nevertheless, Levin joins Temple University, where he manages to come out with a bachelor of arts in political science. In addition, he was also the President of the Cheltenham School Board in 1977.


Mark started his early career in 1981, as the administration of President Ronald Reagan. Nevertheless, he later joins a public interest law firm  Landmark Legal Foundation in 1991. Not to mention, he served as director of legal policy and the foundations Washington-based center for civil rights, at Landmark.

Nevertheless, the American Union awarded Mark in 2001, its Ronald award for his work with Landmark legal.

Later on, he joins the broadcast as a guest on conservative talk radio programs. Not to mention, he was also a contributor of legal opinion to Rush Hour Show. Moreover, in 2002 Mark  Mark gained a radio slot of his own WBC initially on Sundays.

Not to mention, he signed a ten-year contracted Extention on February 11, 2016, with Westwood one.

Moreover, Mark has been the founding editor in chief of conservative review since 2014, a multi-platform television network. However, the programs airing on the network included Truth Be Told, In The Woods, Roaming Millenial, Kibbe On Liberty, America Boiling, to name but the less.

Fox News

Mark joined the network in 2017 November. However, he is the host of Fox News Channel, Liberty, Life, and Levin, which happens on Sundays. Moreover, Levin explores the fundamental values and principal undergirding American Society. Not to mention, he did this as the host of the Fox News Weekend program.

Additionally, Mark hosts the third-largest national syndicated radio program in America.

Net Worth

Mark is the author a radio personality, and a lawyer from America, therefore he is one of the most paid journalists. Not to mention, his net worth estimation is around $50 million dollars.


His salary ranges from about $300, 000 per year.

Mark Levin Wife

Levin was once married to Kendall Levine, however, they get divorced after some time. Furthermore, he is presently married to Julie Prince.


He has two children Chase Levin, and Lauren Levin.


  • Rescuing Sprite
  • Men in Black
  • Liberty and Tyranny
  • Unfreedom of the Press
  • Plunder and Deceit
  • Rediscovering Americanism
  • Marxismo Norteamericano
  • Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address
  • George Washington: The Crossing
  • Marxismo Norteamericano

who is Mark Levin”s wife?

Levin was once married to Kendall Levine, however, they get divorced after some time. Furthermore, he is presently married to Julie Prince.