Mike Huckabee, Bio, Age, Height, Family, Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Children, Books

Mike Huckabee"s image
Mike Huckabee"s image

Mike Huckabee Biography

Mike Huckabee is a former Arkansas governor who served from 1996 to 2007. Moreover, in 2008 and 2016 he was a candidate for the Republican Party Presidential nomination. Furthermore, from 2008 to 2015, he has been the host of the talk show Huckabee which runs on Fox News.

Mike Huckabee Age

He was born in Hope Arkansas on August 24, 1955. Therefore, Mike is currently 67 years old as of 2022. Additionally, he celebrates her birthday each and every year on August 24th.


He has a moderate body weight which stands at an average of 135kgs which is 300 pounds. However, it is unfortunate that we don’t have much about his body weight but we will update you soon.


Apparently, he is a man of average stature, therefore his body height stands at 1.8 meters.

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Mike Huckabee Family

He was born in hope Arkansas. In addition, Mike is the son of Elder Huckabee and Dorsey Wiles Huckabee. However, his father was of English German and Scots-Irish ancestry.

Education Background

It is unfortunate that we don’t have information about his education but we will update you soon.


Huckabee started his early career as a staffer for televangelist James Robbinson at the age of 21 years old. Not to mention, Mike”s whole life has been shaped by moral absolutes.

Nevertheless, he served as at paster Immanuel Baptist Church in Pine Bluff, this was during his earlier career from the years 1980 to 1986. Later on, Mike ran against Ronnie Floyd of Springdale for the Presidency of Arkansas Baptist state in the year 1989. However, Huckabee won and served for two years, this is from 1989 to 1991.

Moreover, he lost to incumbent Democratic senator Dale Bumpers in his first political race in the year 1992. Moreover, the Republican state chairman  Asa Hutchinson argued in the year 1993, that Mike had to run in the special election for lieutenant governor held on 27 July.

Nevertheless, Huckabee won the elections and became the second Republican to serve as Arkansas lieutenant governor. In addition, he was re-elected to a full term as lieutenant governor in 1994. Mike was elected to a full four-year term in November 1988, which made him to became the state’s third American vote in his elections in 1998.

Nevertheless, the Americans for Tax Reform named him a friend of Tax Payer in 2001 for his cut in statewide spending. Later on, Huckabee became a horny member of Tau Kappa Epsilon in 2008 December. Moreover, Mike supported a net tax increase of $505 million, however, this was his time as a governor.

Fox News

He is presently the host of Huckabee on Fox News Contributor, and also on TBN.

Net Worth

He is an American politician who served in several seats and is also a host on Fox News Contributor. Therefore, he earns a decent net worth of $18 million.


His salary stands at an average of $179,700.

Mike Huckabee Wife

He is married to Janet Huckabee, they have a happy family together with three children.


Mike has three children who are

  • John Mark Huckabee
  • Sara Huckabee
  • David Huckabee


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  • Character Make Difference
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  • Three Cs That Mke America Great
  • Purple Hearts And Wounded Spirits
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Who is Mike Huckabee”s Wife?

He is married to Janet Huckabee, they have a happy family together with three children.

How Tall is Mike Huckabee?

Apparently, he is a man of average stature, therefore his body height stands at 1.8 meters.