Newt Gingrich, Bio, Age, Height, Family, Education, Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Books

Newt Gingrich"s image
Newt Gingrich"s image

Newt Gingrich Biography

Newt Gingrich is a former American, who served the U.S House of Representatives, from the years 1995 to 1999. Not to mention from 1979 to 1999 he was the U.S Representative for Georgia”s 6th Congression District. In addition, Newt was serving North Atlanta.

Currently, he is the host of a   dynamic weekly series Newt”s World podcast, which offers contexts today” worldwide through entertaining conversation and stories.

Newt Gingrich Age

Newt Gingrich was born in Harrisburg Pennsylvania U.S, on January 17, 1943. However, he is presently 78 years old, Newt is yet to celebrate his birthday.

Weight Loss

He weighs about 250 pounds, not to mention Gingrich still wants to lose 10 more pounds.


Newt is a man with a moderate body statue, furthermore, he as well appears quite tall by the look of her photo. Therefore, her height stands at an average of 1.83 meters.

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Newt Gingrich Family

He was born in Harrisburg Pennsylvania at Harrisburg hospital on the year 1943, June 17. Moreover, Newt of Germany Scottish, English, and Scots-Irish descent.

His mother married Robert Gingrich in 1945, who was a career army officer.

Moreover, the family moved to Europe in 1956, living for a period in Orleans, Germany, France, and Stuttgart. However, later on, the family moved to Georgia at Fort Benning, in the year 1960.

Nevertheless, he has three sisters who are, Susan Gingrich, Candace, and Roberto Brown.

Education Background

He graduated from  Baker High school in Columbus Georgia year 1961. In addition, Newt went to Emory University in Atlanta where he received a Bachelor”s of Arts degree in history in 1965.

Nevertheless, he went to Tulane University where he graduate and managed an M.A and a Ph.D. in European History.

However, Gingrich joined the History Department at West Georgia College, in the year 1970. Moreover, he stayed there for sometimes taught history.

Newt Gingrich Career

He made his first bid for political office as a Republican candidate, in 1974, Georgia”s 6th congressional in north-central Georgia.

Nevertheless, he lost to 20-year incumbent Democrat Jack Flynt by 2,770 votes. However, the year 1974 was a disastrous year for candidates due to fallout from the watergate scandal of the Nickson administration.

Later on, Gingrich co-founded the military reform caucus in 1981 and the congregational aviation. In addition to that, he was among those calling for the expulsion of representatives Dan Crane and Gery Studds, this was at the time of the 1993 congressional page of sex scandals.

Moreover, Newt founded the conservative opportunity society in 1983, the group included young conservative house republicans.

However, he voted against the civil rights restoration act of 1987, he did this in March 1988. Furthermore, Newt brought ethical charges against the democratic speaker Jim Wright, in May 1988.

Not to mention, Gingrich became House minority whip in a close election against Edward Rell Madigan, in March 1989.

Later on, Newt started a number of for-profits companies in the years 2001 and 2010, however, he started this after leaving congress in 1999.

Moreover, presently Newt is a chairman of Gingrich 360 a full-service American consulting media production group and education. He is also the host”s  a dynamic weekly series, Newts world.

Net Worth

After starting a business with his wife in 2001, in July 2011 according to the financial disclosure forms released, Newt and his wife have an average net worth that stands at $6.7 million, Not to mention,  his companies have been increasing most of his profit.


He is one of the well-paid journalists, therefore he receives a good amount of wages that stands at $122,550

Newt Gingrich Wife

He is married to Calista Gingrich who was once his math teacher. They have a ha happy family together which consists of them and two children.


Newt has two children Kathy Lubbers and Jack Gingrich Cushman.


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