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Paddy Crick"s image
Paddy Crick"s image

Paddy Crick Biography/Wikipedia

Paddy Crick was an Australian politician, and also a newspaper proprietor. People use to describe him as an irresistible demagogue, who “looked like a prizefighter, dressed like a tramp, talked like a bullocky.

Paddy Crick Age/Death

He was born on the year 10 February 1862, in Truro, South Australia. However, he died aged 46 years old.

Paddy Crick Early Life

Paddy was born in Truro, South Australia. However, in the year 1868, his family moved to western New South Wales.

Nevertheless, Crick went to St Stanislaus’ College, Bathurst. Later on, he got admission as a solicitor in 1886, which was to develop his practice in the criminal courts.

Later she married Mary Catherine Kelly, which was in 1890. However, they separated in 1892.

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Paddy Crick Education Background

He attended st Stanislaus college, he later go to Solicitor in 1886.

Paddy Crick Career

Crick and Edward O’Sullivan founded the Land and Industrial Alliance, this was in 1985. This was a protectionist party aimed at country selectors and city workers. However, it was unsuccessful in the election to the New South Wales Legislative Assembly in 1887.

Paddy was notable for his verbal aggression in the house. This was especially when he was drunk.

Later on, In August 1890, he was involved with William Nicholas Willis in founding the Truth newspaper. This was intended to promote their political and social views. Moreover, instead became largely a scandal sheet.

Crick became a leading member of the Protectionist Party. In addition, he helped defeat the Free Trade government in 1899. Moreover, from 14 September 1899 to 28 February 1901. He was rewarded with the position of Postmaster-General in the Lyne government.

Later from  April 1901 to June 1904, Crick was Secretary for Lands. Furthermore, in 1904, Paddy was elected as a member of Blayney.

However, Crick was expecting to become Premier when John See resigned, but Governor Sir Harry Rawson refuse to appoint him. As can be seen, this was because of his excessive drinking.

Later on, in 1905, Justice William Owen was appointed a Royal Commissioner. This was because they wanted him to investigate the administration of the Lands Department.

Moreover,  Crick did overrule departmental advice on 35 occasions when granting leases to pastoralists in the Western Division.  Peter Close, a land agent had received 50% of what was paid to Crick whilst he was Minister for Lands and Crick was corrupt.

Later the Legislative Assembly proposed to immediately deal with Crick. However, Crick was not a fit and proper person to be a solicitor. This was because  Supreme Court found that the evidence before the Royal Commission showed that.


Paddy Crick Net Worth

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Paddy Crick Salary

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In 1890 he married Mary Catherine Kelly, but they separated in 1892.


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Paddy Crick Death

Crick was suffering from cirrhosis of the liver. However, died of hematemesis in the Sydney suburb of Randwick. This was on 25 August 1908.

Where Did Crick bear?

He was born in Truro, South Australia.