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Peter Hitchens Biography

Peter Jonathan Hitchens is AN English journalist and author. Besides that, he additionally writes for The Mail on Sunday and could be a former pressman in the capital of the Russian Federation and Washington. Initially, was a socialist and supporter of the Labor Party, Hitchens became a lot of conservative throughout the Nineteen Nineties. Presently, he has oftentimes criticized the UK’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly lockdowns and mandates that the general public wears face masks. additionally thereto, was underneath accusation of promoting information regarding the pandemic. 

Peter Hitchens Age

Peter Hitchens Height

Peter Hitchens Weight

His weight is around 68KG and he forever exercises to take care of that. He likes to do exercises frequently and additionally tells others to try and do that. in keeping with Peter Hitchens, you want to get to exercise frequently to remain a match.

Currently, we tend to don’t have a lot of info resulting from his measurements. however, we tend to promise to update it as long as potential.

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Peter Hitchens Family

So, he was born in Malta, wherever his father, Eric Ernest Hitchens (1909–1987), was a military officer. additionally thereto, he was stationed as a part of the then-Mediterranean Fleet of the Royal Navy. Apparently, he had hoped to become a military officer himself, however, an eye-fixed defect prevented him from doing, therefore.

So, his mother Yvonne Jean Hitchens had met Eric while serving within the Women’s Royal service Service (Wrens) throughout warfare II. In spite of all this, he has one relative and was the journalist and author patron saint Hitchens, WHO was 2 years older. patron saint same in 2005 that the most distinction between the 2 was a belief in the existence of God.

Regardless, of their brotherhood, they each were a part of International Socialists that patron saint introduced him to them. sadly, the brothers fell out when Peter wrote a 2001 article in the Spectator that allegedly characterized the patron saint as a Stalinist. when the birth Peter’s third kid was, the 2 brothers reconciled. Later on, the patron saint died in 2011; at a memorial service command for him in the big apple, Peter browse a passage from St Paul’s missive to the Philippians that the patron saint had a browse at their father’s ceremony

Peter Hitchens Education

However, he attended Mount House School, Tavistock, the Leys School, and the Oxford College of Further Education. Apparently, this was before being accepted at the University of York, where he studied Philosophy and Politics and was a member of Alcuin College, graduating in 1973.

Peter Hitchens Career

Above all, he joined the party in 1977 however left shortly after one effort for Ken adventurer in 1979, thinking it absolutely was wrong to hold a celebration card once directly news politics, and coinciding with the fruits of growing personal edification with the Labour movement.

Later on, his print media career was on the native press in Swindon and so at the Coventry Evening Telegraph.[33] He then worked for the Daily specifically between 1977 and 2000, at the start as a newsman specializing in education and industrial and labor affairs, then as a political newsman, and afterward as deputy political editor. Basically, that’s how he started his career even writings in support of descriptive linguistics faculties.

Peter Hitchens’s Net worth

Above all, He lives a luxurious life thanks to his hard work and numerous sources of income. Due to this, his average net worth is estimated to be $4 million- $6 million USD.

Peter Hitchens Salary

So, through his career as a journalist associate degree, and author is, however, he manages to get his financial gain. the common monthly wage ranges from around 80K-85K USD.

Peter Hitchens Wife

Despite his job, he is also in a happy marriage with Eve Ross. The couple has been together since 1983 and together lives in Oxford.


Since, their marriage, the two have been blessed with children. They have a daughter and two sons. Their elder son, Dan, was editor of the Catholic Herald, a London-based Roman Catholic newspaper.


  1. The Phoney Victory
  2. The War We Never Fought
  3. The Rage Against God
  4. The Cameron Delusion
  5. The Abolition Of Liberty
  6. Monday Morning Blues Peter Hitchens
  7. The Abolition of Britain: From Winston Churchill to Theresa May
  8. The Abolition of Britain


The Orwell Prize (2010)

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