Sean Hannity Bio, Age, Height, Family, Fox news, Net worth, Wife, Kids

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Sean Hannity Biography

Sean Patrick Hannity (Sean Hannity) is an American talk show host and also a conservative political commentator. However, he is the host of a number of programs including the Sean Hannity Show. Currently, he is serving the Fox News channel this is since the year 2009.

Sean Hannity Age

Born in the year 1961 in New York City, United States in the month on December 30th. Currently, he is at the age of 61 years as of the year 2022.

Sean Hannity Height

Today he stands at an average height which is relevant to his surroundings. He stands at an actual height of 5 feet and 11 inches tall.

Sean Hannity Weight

Apparently, he is quite heavy than he might probably appear. So, according to his records presently he is recorded to weigh 111kgs.

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Sean Hannity Family

Regardless, he was born in New York City in the United States. He was born and raised with both parents. However, his mother is Lilian and his father’s name is Hugh Hannity. Apparently, his mother was a stenographer and a corrections officer at a county jail. While his father was a veteran of World war 2. Additionally, he was a court officer.

Nevertheless, Sean is the youngest of four siblings and actually the only boy. So, all his grandparents immigrated to the United States from Ireland. Apparently, his parents were initially supporters of President John F. Kennedy. Eventually, growing more Republican in their views as time went on, though they resisted being overly political home.

Sean Hannity Education

In the event of growing up, he attended Sacred Heart Seminary in Hempstead, New york. Later on, moved to St. Pius X Preparatory Seminary. The school is in Uniondale, New york. However, he continued to the campus level where he attended New York University. Furthermore, he also attended Adelphi University. Unfortunately, he did not graduate either.

Sean Hannity Career

Presently he is serving at Fox News Channel. Based in New York in he joined the team in the year 1996 and he actually received the title of the longest-running current host in cable news. As one of the foremost outstanding and powerful conservative voices within the country, Hannity showcases his candid, provocative vogue, and conservative statement on politics and also the yank agenda. The show additionally options Hannity’s signature monologue wherever he opens the hour breaking down hot topics of the day.

Most recently, Hannity Sat down with Wendy’s uranologist, the mother of Kyle’s uranologist WHO was innocent when shooting 3 men throughout protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin in August 2020. Within the spring of 2021, Hannity secured the primary national tv interview with former Olympian, reality lead, and transgender activist Caitlyn doc since asserting her political campaign for Governor of the American state.

In 2018, Hannity contributed to FNC’s coverage of the U.S. summit with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea sleeping in the capital of Vietnam, Vietnam on his dark primetime show. throughout his on-the-scene coverage, he conferred an associate degree interview with then-President Donald Trump following his meeting with Kim Jong international organization to debate the newest news surrounding the summit. additionally, he conferred the primary interview with then-President Donald Trump following his meeting with Russian President solon in Helsingfors,

Sean Hannity’s Net worth

Fortunately, he remains one of the highest-paid stars on the Fox News Channel. For this reason, he is recorded to be banking $25 million every year. Presently, his estimated net worth is around $250 million including all his assets.

Sean Hannity Salary

Generally, speaking he is quite rich with the monthly salary from his work at the Fox News channel. Averagely, he is earning an annual salary of $4o million.


Presently, he seems to be in a relationship with his colleague Ainsley Earhardt who works at the Fox News channel. Previously, he was in a marriage to Jill Rhodes. The two had actually, met up in the year 1991 when he worked at WVNN in Huntsville Alabama and she was a political columnist for the Huntsville Times.

However, the two got into a marriage in the year 1993 that is two years later after their hookup. Unfortunately, they had to separate in the year 2020 in June, and later on, after a year, they had to divorce. Even though the couple had already begun a family because they had children together.


So, during his first marriage, they had two children a son and a daughter. The son is namely, Patrick who was born in the year 1998. The daughter is Merri born in the year 2001. Apparently, they both graduated from Cold Spring Harbor High school. Later on, Patrick attended Wake Forest University where he played tennis. On the other hand, Merri attended the University of Michigan where she also plays tennis. Additionally, in high school, Merri was the highest-ranked tennis player in New York State.