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William Bennett Biography

William Bennett Is an American journalist commonly famous as a conservative politician and political commentator. In addition to that, he is also served as the secretary of education under President Ronald Reagan. Currently, he is serving at Fox News channel.

William Bennett Age

Born in the year 1943 in New York City in the United States on the month of July 31st. Presently, he is at the age of  78 years old as of 2021. He is yet to celebrate his 79th birthday this year 2022.

William Bennett Height

Today, he appears to be a man of average stature. Therefore, this means he stands at a height of 5feet 7 inches.

William Bennett Weight

Unfortunately, we do not have any information relating to height right now. But we promise to update this information as soon as possible.

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William Bennett Family

However, he was born from a very religious family being a catholic family in Brooklyn. In addition to that, he was raised by both parents his mother Nancy, and the father Robert Bannett who was a banker. Later on, the family had to move on to Washington D.C. Unfortunately, we do not have any more information relating to his family. However, it is clear that he is the brother of Washington attorney Robert S. Bennett.

William Bennett Education

So, after the family went to Washington D.C, he began his education. Apparently, we do not aware of the primary and high schools he attended. Although, we do know that he definitely went to school. Because he attended the Gonzaga College high school during the time they were in Washington D.C. Later on, he graduated from William college in the year 1965. Additionally, during his time in college, he was a member of the Kappa Alpha Society. Furthermore, he continued with his studies at the University of Texas at Austin and received a Ph.D. in political philosophy in the year 1970. Moreover, he later went to Havard Law School to obtain his J.D graduating in 1971.

William Bennett Career

However, after he was done with school he began his career. So, he was a former secretary of education during the reign of President Ronald Reagan. In addition to that, he was the nation’s first Drug Czar under President George Bush.

So, in the year 2004, he began hosting the Morning show namely Morning in America. Basically, it was a nationally, syndicated radio program produced and distributed by Dallas. Later on, in 2008 he became the host of CNN’s weekly talk show namely, Beyond the Politics.

In addition to his role, at FNC he currently serves as Chairman of conservative leaders of education. Moreover, he is a senior advisor to station an education technology company. Furthermore, he is an author and has written 25 books.

William Bennett’s Net worth

So, being one of the most experienced journalists, especially as a political commentator he has accumulated a lot of fame and wealth. However, his career has earned him an average net worth of $15 million.

William Bennett Salary

Apparently, his main source of income is from his job where currently he serves at Fox News. Presently, he receives an average salary of $557, 842 per year.

William Bennett Wife

Presently, he is in a happy marriage with his beautiful wife namely, Elayne Glover. The couple has been together since the year 1982. Although, before he got into that marriage he once tried a relationship with Janis Joplin where they actually went for a blind date. Unfortunately, the date did not even last two hours that is how they never got together. However, his current wife is the president and founder of Best Friends Foundation. So, that is a national program that supports sexual abstinence among adolescents.


Fortunately, during the years of marriage, the couple has been blessed with two sons namely, Joseph and John. Regardless, we have not been told who is the firstborn because he likes keeping his personal life private.


  1. Happiness is like a cat, if you try to coax it or call it will avoid you and will never come.
  2. America’s support for human rights and democracy is our noblest export to the world.
  3. All real education is the architecture of the soul.

This and many more others.


  • The Book of Virtues for Young People
  • America: The Last Best Hope
  • The Moral Compass
  • Libro de Los Heroes Para Ninos, El William Bennett
  • The death of outrage
  • The True Saint Nicholas: Why He Matters to Christmas
  • America: The Last Best Hope William Bennett
  • The Book of Man: Readings on the Path to Manhood
  • Tried by Fire: The Story of Christianity’s First Thousand Years
  • The American Patriot’s Almanac: Daily Readings on America
  • The Educated Child: A Parents Guide From Preschool Through Eighth Grade
  • Last Best Hope (Volume II): From a World at War to the Triumph of Freedom William Bennett
  • Autodisciplina William Bennett
  • The index of leading cultural indicators

This and many more others.