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Zac Goldsmith image

Zac Goldsmith Biography

Frank Zacharias Robin Goldsmith, Baron Goldsmith of Richmond Park, PC(Zac Goldsmith) is a British politician, life peer, and journalist. He also did serve as the  Minister of State for the Pacific and the Environment. Commonly, recognized as the son of billionaire businessman and financier James Goldsmith. Even though he’s the son of a billionaire but also his fame came as a result of his support for environmentalism and localism. In addition to that serving as Minister of State for Overseas Territories, Commonwealth, Energy, Climate, and also Environment since 2022.

Zac Goldsmith Age

Zac Goldsmith Height

He is quite tall standing at a height of 6 ft 3 inches which is also equivalent to 1.91 meters tall.

Zac Goldsmith Weight

Currently, we tend to don’t have any info concerning his weight. However, we tend to promise to update it as shortly as potential.

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Zac Goldsmith Family

So in line with history, he’s the center kid of Sir James Goldsmith. Their family is truly recognized for wealth. they’re a mixture of German someone and French descent. Apparently, his mother was the third better half of the daddy. He was raised at Ormeley and resides in Ham along with his siblings, Jemima, and mountain.

In addition to that, he is a half-brother to Robin and India Jane Birley, his mother’s children from her first marriage. As a child, he was an avid reader of naturalist Gerald Durrell’s works. Later on, developed a committed passion for David Attenborough’s wildlife documentaries.

Zac Goldsmith Education

However, he did not attend only one school but four of them. Firstly, he went to King’s House School in Richmond after which he shifted to The Mall School in Twickenham. Later on, went to Hawtreys School, near Great Bedwyn in Wiltshire. Unfortunately, at Eton College in Berkshire, he dismisses for having drugs. So later on,  Goldsmith lived in California for two years, working at first for the think tank Redefining Progress[16] from 1995 to 1996, and later as a researcher for Norberg-Hodge’s International Society for Ecology and Culture (ISEC) during 1996–98.

Zac Goldsmith Career

Therefore, after school Goldsmith lived in California for two years, working at first for the think tank Redefining Progress[16] from 1995 to 1996, and later as a researcher for Norberg-Hodge’s International Society for Ecology and Culture (ISEC) during 1996–98. Afterward, in 1997 he was appointed reviews editor of The Ecologist by his uncle Edward Goldsmith, the magazine’s founding editor, owner, and publisher.

Coupled with that in 2005 he joined the Conservative Party. Later on, in 2010 he got defeated the Liberal Democrat MP Susan Kramer in Richmond Park at the 2010 general election. Basically, that is a summary of his career.

Zac Goldsmith’s Net worth

So after his father’s death in 1997, Goldsmith is believed to have inherited between £200 million and £300 million out of the reported £1.2 billion estates. In a 2009 article in The Guardian, some tax experts speculated his income could amount to £5 million per year from the trust left to him alone. In addition to that, he was the second richest member in the 2010–2015 Parliament after Richard Benyon.

Zac Goldsmith Salary

Apparently, His average annual income over the last five years was £1.2m – 36 times the median salary of £33,203 for full-time workers in the capital and putting him in the highest-earning 0.05% of UK taxpayers.


Apart from his wealth, there are also a number of things he loves. He enjoys gambling in 2004 he won £53,000 in a televised card game and he has had a financial stake in the Mayfair-based bookmakers Fitzdares. A backgammon and poker player, he also pursues other sporting interests including cricket


However, in 1999 is once Zac ought to his initial wedding with Sheherazade Ventura-Bentley. Later on, 10 years of the wedding, they got a divorce in 2010. Initially, the marriage befell on five June 1999 at St Simon the Zealot Church in London. He aforementioned in 2000 that he wore Savile Row suits that had belonged to his late father.

His divorce from Ventura-Bentley was abundantly lined within the gossip columns. therefore shortly, in 2013 got another wedding with Alice Rothschild. the marriage was at London ground Centre in his body.


So during the first marriage, he had three children two of whom are daughters, Uma Romaine and Thyra, and a son, James. Second marriage he also got three children. They have a daughter, Dolly Goldsmith, born in July 2013. Thereafter their second child, a son named Max, was born in January 2016. Thirdly, on 25 April 2017, Alice gave birth to a daughter named Edie.


  1. Beacon Prize as Young Philanthropist of the Year(2003)
  2. Mikhail Gorbachev founded Green Cross International’s Global Green Award for International Environmental Leadership. (2004)
  3. BusinessGreen Politician of the Year Award(2011)
  4. The Best Conservative Newcomer MP of the Year. (2014)

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