Ben Domenech, Bio, Age, Height, Family, Career, Networth, Salary, Wife

Ben Domenech"s image
Ben Domenech"s image

Ben Domenech Biography

Ben Domenech is an American television commentator, writer, editor, and blogger. Not to mention the founder is a member of Federalist and host of Federalist radio.  However, in 2021 he joined Fox News media as a contributor. In addition, Ben produces political commentary across all Fox News media and platforms.

Ben Domenech Age

Ben Domenech was born in 1982 January, however, he is currently 40 years. In addition, he was born in Jackson Mississippi.


Ben has a moderate body that weighs about 78 kg. However, we don’t have much about his body measurements.


Ben”s height stands at 6 feet, moreover, it is unfortunate that we don’t much about his height but we will update you as soon as possible.

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Ben Domenech Family

Domenech was raised in Charleston South Carolina. Douglas Domenech his father was in the service of the United States Department of the interior.

However, his mother goes by the names Jeanne Schramm.

Education Backgraound

Nevertheless, in the years 1999 and 2002 Ben attended the College of William and Mary. This was before leaving prior to his senior after receiving a job offer.

Ben Domenech Career

Moreover, in early February 2021, Ben append to Fox News as a Media contributor. Not to mention he provides all across the news media political commentary. In addition, Ben hosted”s  Podcast for Fox News Audio weekly. However, in 2013 he founded a magazine that covers policy, religion, and politics. Moreover, presently Domenech serves as a publisher of the federalists.

Nevertheless, during the 2012 and 2016 elections, he appeared across multiple networks. In the time of the Gorge W. Bush administration, Ben used to work as a speechwriter for the former secretary of human services and health Tommy Thompson. Not to mention He was the youngest Politician appointee of Gorge”s administration.

Moreover, later on, he was named the blogger for the Washington Post in the year 2006 March. Then he was hired to contribute to the newspaper opinion pages from a conservative point of low. However, Ben wrote numerous columns for both The Washington Times and Human Events, this was during the 2008 elections.

Furthermore, he worked at the Heartland Institute as the managing editor of policy and health. Ben wrote numerous columns advocating abolishing the affordable care act known as Obama care. Later on, Domenech appeared on a Heartland Podcast on February 7, 2013.

Not to mention, Washington Posts online enrolled him to write a blog in 2006 providing an analysis, cultural criticism, and commentary. Nevertheless, on March 21, the year 2006, he launches a new website Red America. Suddenly after three days, Ben resigned from writing.  This was after his friend posted online that Ben is Copying from other Journalists.

Moreover, Domenech was implicated in journalist scandals that resulted in the removal of his work from the Huffington Post and  The Washington Examiner, which was in the year 2013.


Being of the most experienced and hardworking, especially as a journalist, moreover, his career earned him an average net worth of $5 million.

Ben Domenech Salary

His salary is approximately to be $75,000.

Ben Domenech Wife

Domenech has a wife whose name is Megan McCain. They have a daughter who was born in the year 2020.


Ben has one child whose name is Liberty Sage. However, she was born in the year 2020.

How Old is Ben Domenech?

Ben Domenech was born in January 1982, however, he is currently 42 years old.

how tall is Ben Domenech?

Ben”s height stands at 6 feet

how much does Ben Domenech make?

His salary is approximately to be $75,000.

who is Ben Domenech?

Ben Domenech is an American television commentator, writer, editor, and blogger. Not to mention the founder is a member of Federalist and host of Federalist radio.