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Dana Perino"s image
Dana Perino"s image

Dana Perino Biography

Dana Perino is an American author, a political commentator who served as the 26th White House Press Secretary. Not to mention, this was from September 14 2007 to January 20 2009 under President Gorge W. Bush. Moreover, after Dee Dee Myers who was saved in the time of the Clinton Administration, Dana was the second female White House Press.

Dana Perino Age

She was born in Evanston Wyoming United States on the year 1972 May 9. However, she is recently 50 years old. Nevertheless, she celebrates her birthday every year.


His body stands at an average weight of 48 kgs. Moreover, it is unfortunate that we don’t have much information about his body measurements but we will update you soon.


She has an average and moderate body shape by the look in her photo, not to mention, she is a little bit tall. Therefore, his body height stands around 1.57meters.

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Dana Perino Family

Perino grew up in Denver Colorado and was born in Evanston Wyoming on May 9, 1972. Moreover, her great-grandparents were Italian Immigrants.

Education Background

Dana attended Ponderosa High School located in Parker Southeast Denver. later on, she joins Colorado States University where she was graduated with a  bachelor”s degree in mass communication.


Dana started his early career at the University of forensics team and worked at KTSC-TV. She also worked at the KTSC TV the campus-based in the Rocky Mountains.

Nevertheless, she later moved to Washington D.c to work for Congressional Scott Mclnnis as a staff assistant. Moreover, for the next four years, she worked as a serving press secretary for  Dan Schaefer. In addition, Dan was the chair of the house commerce subcommittee on power and energy.

Moreover, Perino returned to Washington D.C in November 2001 as a spokesperson for the Department of Justice. Not to mention, she served there for two years.

Moreover, she later joins the White House as the associate director of communication of the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

Nevertheless, after the September attack, she was hired by the White House Chief of Staff. However, in 2002, she was associate director of communication for the white House.

Later on, Perrino was nominated by President Barrack Obama in November 2009 to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors.

Fox News

She joins Fox News in the year 2009 as a contributor. Not to mention, she is presently serving as an anchor on Fox News Channel’s morning news program America’s Newsroom, Not to mention, she also serves as the co-host of The Five.

Nevertheless, Perino is also the host of the Dana Perino Book Club on Fox Nation. Moreover, she also hosted a one-hour Sunday interviewing former President Gorge W. Bush.

Net Worth

She is an American Political Commentator, therefore, his net worth ranges around $80 million. Nevertheless, she is also the 26th White House Press Secretary.


She earns $12 million as salary from Fox News Channel. Not to mention, she is one of the most paid journalists.

Dana Perino Husband

Dana is married to Peter McMahon, not to mention they mate in August 1967. Nevertheless, they wedded in 1988.


It is unfortunate we have not come across the information about his child, but we will update you soon.


  • Let Me Tell You about Jasper
  • And the Good News
  • Everything Will Be Okay


  • The Five
  • Fox News Tonight
  • Book Club
  • America”s Newsroom

who is Dana Perino’s husband?

Dana is married to Peter McMahon, not to mention they mate in August 1967.

How old is Dana Perino?

She was born in Evanston Wyoming United States on the year 1972 May 9. However, she is recently 50 years old.

Dana Perino dog

She has a dog named Henry, however, the dog got sick and later passed away. Not to mention, the death was caused by fast-spreading cancer. Nevertheless, Dana has another dog named Vizsla.

is Dana Perino Dogg still alive?

Not to mention, the dog passed away on September 4, 2021. Not to mention, the cause was the fast spreading of cancer.