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David Asman's image
David Asman's image

David Asman Biography/Wikipedia

David Asman is a famous television news anchor who has been working for Fox Business and Fox News. Asman did join  FOX News Channel in the year 1997. Then later in 2007, he did help in launching FOX Business Network. Asman is however currently serving as a guest on programs across Fox News and Fox Business Network. In addition to that, he is as well Bulls and Bears on the FBN program. He also did host Forbes on Fox and Fox News Live during weekdays and joined the Fox News Channel’s documentary unit.

David Asman Age/Birthday

David was born in the year 1954 and therefore he is currently 68 years of age. It’s unfortunate, we currently don’t have any information about his birth month and day, but we promise to update him as soon as possible.

David Asman Weight

Asman is of average and moderate body weight which appears at a standard posture. Though we currently have no exact body weight of him.



David Asman Height

His body measurement height is at an average of 5 feet 9 inches which is the same as  1.75 meters tall.

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David Asman Family

He was born in a place called Hollis, in New York. Therefore, his parents are Robert Asman and his father and his mother Nancy Johnston Asman. In addition to that, he as well as a baby sister by the name of Melinda Asman Krasting. However, we do have not much information about his family but we will update you soon.


Asman did attend his college education at  Marlboro College. After that, he later joined Northwestern University where he graduated, and did opt to pursue his career.

Career/Fox News

At first, during his early career in 1978, he was hired to work as an assistant editor at Prospect. Then the following year in 1979, he was working as the magazine executive editor. Later in 1980, Asman was given a job by  George Gilder to start working in an economic journal at the Manhattan Institute. 

Still, in his early career, he did start working on the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal, where he did cover Latin America for 12 years and later became the editorial features editor. During his time in  Latin America in the early 1980s, David did write over 100 articles and he earned several awards from the Inter-American Press Association for his writings on Cuba and Mexico.

After that, he did as well edit The Wall Street Journal. Later got an appointment as editorial features editor. this was when the Journal’s editorial page was breaking stories on Whitewater.

David Asman did join Fox News Channel in the year 1997 and in addition to that he has done numerous interviews with many politicians, newsmakers, and also with business leaders.

These are some of the names Aman has done interviews

  1. Woody
  2. Johnson
  3. Donald Trump
  4.  Buzz Aldrin
  5.  Ben Stein
  6.  Dick Cavett
  7.  Stan Lee
  8. Peter Guber
  9. Chuck Norris
  10.  David Stern
  11. Don Garber
  12. Joe Gibbs
  13.  Cal Ripken Jr.
  14.  Danika Patrick
  15. Sarah, Duchess of York
  16.  Congressman Ron Paul
  17.  Rupert Murdoch
  18.  Barry Diller
  19.  Michael Eisner
  20.  Steve Forbes
  21.  William F. Buckley
  22. Jr., John R. Bolton
  23. Otto Reich
  24.  Mosab Hassan Yousef
  25. Pat Robertson

David Asman has however continued writing articles for  The Wall Street Journal and also other publications. This, therefore, includes Marine stepson, and also he has written about his wife’s stroke together with their experiences with British Health Care.

 Net Worth

His Net worth is estimated to range from $2 million to $3 million dollars which is a good figure for his great work and achievements in his work.


David earns an average good amount that is $75000 dollars annually.

David Asman Wife

He is a husband to Marta Cecilia Asman who is a native of Nicaragua. Therefore, the couple did tie in 1989 till date.

David Asman Children

He has two kids:

  1. Kristiana Asman
  2. Felipe David Asman


David Asman is a Christian though about the church that he attends, we are yet to upload but we will as soon as possible

How old is David Asman?

He was born in the year 1954. Therefore he is 68 years of age.

David Asman’s son’s name?

His son”s name is Felipe David Asman.

who is David Asman married to?

He is a husband to Marta Cecilia Asman who is a native of Nicaragua. Therefore, the couple did tie in 1989 till date.