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Neil Tennant Biography

Neil Francis Tennant is a popular English musician, singer, songwriter, and music journalist. In addition to that, co-founder of the synthpop duo Pet Shop Boys. Even though he did not do it alone with the help of Chris Lowe in 1981. He was a journalist for Smash Hits and assistant editor for the magazine in the mid-1980s.

Neil Tennant Age

Born in the year 1954 on the month of July 10th in North Shields, Tyne, and Wear, England. Currently, he is at the age 68 years of age.

Neil Tennant Height

He is a man of good height standing at 5 ft 10½ in. This is also equivalent to 179 cm.

Neil Tennant Weight

Relatively, to his height, he is also not that heavy. According to analysis, his weight is 72 kg.

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Neil Tennant Family

Apparently, he was born in North Shields, a fishing port near Newcastle upon Tyne, to William W. Tennant (1923–2009), a sales representative, and Sheila M. (Watson) Tennant (1923–2008). In addition to that, he has an older sister, Susan, and two younger brothers, Simon and Philip. Later on, The family moved to a semi-detached house on Greenfield Road.

Neil Tennant Education

However, whereas a baby he attended St Cuthbert’s synchronic linguistics faculty, an associate all-boys parochial school in Newcastle-upon-Tyne upon Tyne River. whereas in school, he vies stringed instruments and bowed stringed instruments.

At age 16, he vies in a very ethnic music cluster known as mud, whose hottest song was known as “Can You Hear the Dawn Break?”. They were heavily influenced by The unbelievable String Band. throughout his adolescent years, he was a member of the youth theatre at the People’s Theatre, Newcastle-upon-Tyne upon Tyne River.

Neil Tennant Career

So,  in 1975, having completed a degree in history at North London tech he worked for 2 years because the production editor for Marvel kingdom, the united kingdom branch of Marvel Comics. He was answerable for anglicizing the dialogue of Marvel’s catalog to suit British readers, and for indicating wherever girls were required to be redrawn for national editions. what is more, additionally wrote occasional options for the comics, as well as interviews with pop stars brandy Bolan and Alex scientist.

Later on, he emotional to Macdonald’s academic business, wherever he altered The dairy farm Book of Home Management and numerous illustrated books concerning the change of state, enjoying the stringed instrument, and alternative home interests. Then he emotional to ITV Books, wherever he altered TV fastener books.

Neil Tennant’s Net worth

Actually, he is among the richest rock singers and music journalists this is because of his numerous careers. Due to this, he has accumulated a satisfying amount of net worth. So his net worth is approximately $14 million.


Unfortunately, his salary details are not currently available. But we promise to update it as soon as possible.


Presently, news read that he is openly gay, revealing his sexuality in a 1994 interview in Attitude magazine. Furthermore, He is also a patron of the Elton John AIDS Foundation. He maintains a house in London and another one in County Durham in the North East countryside. Apparently, he and Lowe also have an apartment in Berlin.


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The oldest houses in Wolsingham are at Whitfield Place on Front Street, … botanist and TV presenter David Bellamy, and Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys. So, 16th Century Hunting Lodge was last owned by Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys. 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 3 reception rooms, separate office in the garden Belvedere.

Neil's house

Is Neil Tennant married?

Currently, it is only confirmed that he is gay.

how old is Neil Tennant?

Presently, he is at the age 67 years as of 2021, yet to turn 68 years this year 2022.

how much is Neil Tennant worth?

However, he is among the list of richest music journalists with a net worth of $14 million.