Steve Hilton, Bio, Age, Height, Family, Fox News, Net worth, Salary, wife, Children, Books,

Steve Hilton"s image
Steve Hilton"s image

Steve Hilton Biography

Steve Hilton is a former British commentator and he was also once a political adviser. Not to mention, he has been serving as a director of the strategy from 2o10 to 2012 for British prime minister David Cameroon. Moreover, Steve has hosted The Next Revolution for Fox News. In addition, he was also a co-founder of crowdpac.

Steve Hilton Age

He was born in Barnet London England on 25 August 1969. Furthermore, Steve is presently 53 years old as of 2022. Additionally, Hilton celebrates her birthday on the 25th of August every year.


His weight stands at an average of 68kg, moreover, it is unfortunate that we don”t have much information about his height but we will update you soon.


It appears that he is a man of average stature even to his appearance. Therefore, Steve stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches, he is tall a bit.

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Steve Hilton Family

Hilton”s parents emigrate from Hungary at the time of the Hungarian Revolution in the year 1956. Furthermore, his father Istvan used to play for the Hungarian¬† National ice hockey team as a goalkeeper. Not to mention, in the 1930s, he was considered one of the top ice hockey players in Europe.

Nevertheless, his parents used to work in catering at Heathrow Airport. Moreover, when Steve was 5 years old his parents divorced.

Education Background

He joined New College at Oxford University to study Economics, Philosophy, and Politics,


Steve started his early career at the Conservative Central Office. Nevertheless, from 2010 to 2012 he was a director of the strategy for the Uk Prime minister Divide Cameron. Not to mention, he was also the herbal tea-drinking spin doctor stweart person in the BBC comedy Thick of It.

Moreover, Steve is a co-founder of Crowdpac. com. In addition, Crowdpack launched a better service in the U.K. in the year 2016 April. However, in 2018, Hilton stepped down as the CEO of Crodpac. This was due to conflicting values with the company.

Not to mention, he is also a supporter of former U.S. President Donald Trump. Nevertheless, He called President Donald Trump in 2021 to end the measures in the time of the Covid 19 pandemic in the United States after briefly social distancing measures and lockdown.

Steve promoted Trump”s false Claims of large-scale fraud on Fox News show, this was after Trump was defeated in the 2021 Presidential elections by Joe Biden.

Fox News

Hilton joined the network as a contributor in the year 2016 December. In addition, he offers political and tech expertise across Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network programs. Furthermore, he is the host of Fox Channels The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton.

Net worth

Steve is the host of Fox News Channel, and he was also once a political adviser,  therefore his annual net worth stands around at an average of $10 million dollars.


His annual salary estimation accumulates from $75,000.

Steve Hilton wife

He is married to a former secretary Rachel Whetstone.


It is unfortunate we don’t have information about his children at the moment but we will update you soon.


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Who is Steve Hilton married to?

He is married to a former secretary Rachel Whetstone.

What is Steve Hilton’s Nationality?

He is from British America.

How much is Steve Hilton’s Salary?

His annual salary estimation accumulates from $75,000.