Tammy Bruce, Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, salary, Partner, Books

Tammy Bruce"s image
Tammy Bruce"s image

Tammy Bruce Biography

Tammy Bruce is a conventional American, who has been on Fox News, a Political Commentator, radio host, and author. Nevertheless, she has been on Fox News since 2005.

Tammy Bruce Age

Tammy Bruce was born in California Los Angeles, this was on August 20, 1962. However, she is currently 60. She is yet to celebrate his birthday.


She weighs 62 kilograms, however, we don’t have much about his body measures but we will update you soon.


Bruce has an average and a moderate body height, which stands to 5 fits and 7 meters.

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Education Background

She studied at the University of Southern Califonia. Moreover, she managed to come out with a bachelor’s degree in political science.


In the early 1990s ms, Bruce used to work on a number of Democratic campaigns. Then later she registered as unaffiliated, in the year 2008.

However, Bruce has been serving as a President of the Los Angeles chapter of the national organization for women for seven years. In addition, she served as a bord of directer on a national organization for women, for two years.

Later on, in May 1996 she resigned from being a president of NOW, in Los Angeles. Tammy said that was due to her focusing on domestic violence.

Afterward, she has written about a dispute in her critique on what she sees as failings of NOW. Moreover, she hosted a radio show in 1997. In addition, in the early 200s, Tammy hosted a national radio program.

Moreover, Tammy is a second amendment advocate of free speech and her experience as a radio talk show. In 1993 the Tammy Bruce Show premiered in Los Angeles.

Later on, she became a national the first nationally syndicated host to the podcast on politics, this was in the year 2005. However, she linked with Fox News as a political donor.

Tammy Bruce also speaks about varieties of topics to Colleges, Business, and public organizations.

Nevertheless, During the time of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2003,  Bruce was appointed to serve him.

However, later on in the year 2012 Tammy returned to the Talk Radio network. She returns there as a guest host. This was during the Laura Ingraham show.

Later, Tammy surmised her criticisms of the contemporary feminist movement, in her short video on YouTube.

However, she became the host of getting Tommy bruce, on Fox News. this was in 2019.

Net Worth

Bruce’s net worth stands at $5 million.


She has an average salary of $71,256.

Tammy Bruce Partner

She had a partner, Benet whom they lived together for two years before Bruce moved out. Later after Bruce moved out Benet committed suicide.


It is very unfortunate that we don’t have information about his children but we will update you soon.


  • The Death of Right and Wrong
  • The new America Revolution
  • The new Thought Police


Tammy Bruce Podcast

  • Examining Politics Podcast
  • The Dom Giordono
  • Tammy Bruce Podcasts

How old is Tammy Bruce?

Tammy Bruce was born in the year 1962, however, she is currently years old.