Andrew Simmons Bio, Age, Height, Career, Chicago, Net worth, Wife

Andrew Simmons image
Andrew Simmons image

Andrew Simmons Biography

Andrew Simmons is a broadcast journalist who is currently serving at Al Jazeera English as a correspondent. Previously, he specialized in covering the conflicts of the Arab Spring. However, he began working on Al Jazeera in the year 2005.

Andrew Simmons Age

Born in the year 1984 on the 21st of May on a Monday. Although he has not disclosed his place of birth. Currently, he is at the age of 38 years old and he recently celebrated his birthday this year 2022.

Andrew Simmons Height

He is a man of average stature according to his appearance. Today he is standing at a height of 5 feet 9 inches which is also equivalent to 1.7m tall.

Andrew Simmons Weight

He has an impressive body weight of 102 kilograms also equivalent to 225 lbs. However, he has a well-built body fact that he visits the gym frequently to maintain his body weight. Apparently, he is trained by Mark Sloan at FWA Academy.

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Andrew Simmons Family

Unfortunately, as of now, we do not have any exclusive about his family. This is because he has not really disclosed any information about his parents or siblings to the public including other relatives. However, we will do our level best to update any information concerning his family.

Andrew Simmons Education

Likewise, we do not have any leading information about his educational background. Although it is evident that he did attend school up to the University. This is due to his professionalism in his career.

Andrew Simmons Career

Generally, he joined Al Jazeera English in 2005, in the run-up to its launch. However, his original brief was to help set up the East Africa bureau. Immediately following the launch in 2006, he remained at the Nairobi bureau as Bureau Chief and senior correspondent. Before his next appointment, as a senior correspondent based in the London broadcast center, in 2011 he covered the downfalls of Gaddafi in Libya and Mubarak in Egypt.

Afterward, he moved to the main broadcast center, in Doha in Qatar, still as a roving correspondent and presenter in 2013. The main purpose of this move was to cover the war in Syria from inside the country, reporting on the conflict first-hand. However, when the Westgate mall attack took place in Kenya, he returned briefly to Nairobi, to cover events in the city. Because it had once been his home and for which he had particular expertise in the local places, politics, and peoples.

Later, he returned to the Near East to cover the strain on Lebanon’s small population and economy, hosting the huge new wave of refugees from Syria, in addition to the older wave from Palestine. Before joining Al Jazeera English, he was a West Africa Correspondent for BBC TV News. Previously been a presenter in the United Kingdom, for the BBC News channel.

Additionally more than 15 years, he served as a correspondent with ITN, the much-respected UK news channel. Apart from that his experience in covering conflict included Northern Ireland, where he spent four years based in Belfast. Furthermore, extensive assignments in Chechnya, Bosnia, Iraq, Iran, and Sri Lanka. He was released ten days later, in Baghdad.

Andrew Simmons’s Net worth

He is a very prominent journalist and therefore he is receiving a net income of around $1 million to $3 million.


So according to the Al Jazeera correspondent’s salary, he is recorded to be receiving an annual salary of $52,642.


Unfortunately, as of now, we do not have any information regarding his family and love life. However, this is because he has not disclosed any information to the public.

how old is Andrew Simmons?

Born in the year 1984 on the 21st of May on a Monday. Although he has not disclosed his place of birth. Currently, he is at the age of 38 years old.