Judy Woodruff Bio, Age, PBS Net worth, Salary, Children, Husband, Daughter, Ill

Judy Woodruff's image
Judy Woodruff's image

Judy Woodruff Biography

Judy Carline Woodruff is a popular broadcast journalist from America. Currently, Judy is serving at PBS News Hour as an anchor and managing editor. Previously, she has worked in network, cable, and public television news since 1976. She has as well done interviews with prominent heads of state in the U.S presidential debates.

Judy Woodruff Age

She was born on the year 20th November 1946 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States of America. Currently, she is at the age of 76 years 2022.

Judy Woodruff Weight

Presently, she weighs a moderate weight which is an approximate weight of 123 lb / 56 kg.

Judy Woodruff Height

However, she is a woman of average stature. Today she stands at  5 feet 2 inches which is equivalent to 1.57 meters tall.

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Basically, she grew up as a military brat, this was a result of her rapt multiple times throughout her childhood. Therefore she attended seven faculties between preschool and seventh grade. Later on, she rapt from Oklahoma to Germany when she was 5 years previous.

After that Judy rapt to army bases in Missouri and New Jersey then came to Oklahoma. She lived in Taiwan for some years, and so visited North Carolina. This was before Judy settled in Augusta, Georgia. Therefore, she visited agent Young Miss Augusta in 1963.

Judy 1964 pursued a degree in arithmetic at Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina. So, when she was 2 years at Meredith, transferred to Duke University in 1966. Apparently, she was active within the student government of Duke and was a member of the guild Alpha Delta Pi.

During her studies, she worked for Georgia Representative Henry M. Robert Grier Stephens’s son. Later on, was discouraged from operating in Washington D.C  considering how ladies were treated there. She had done associate billet for 2 summers. Finally, graduated from Duke with a bachelor’s degree in politics in 1968.

Judy Woodruff Family

Regardless, she was born in  Tulsa, Oklahoma. Therefore she is an American citizen by birth. She was born to William Woodruff, a chief warrant officer in the Army, and Anna Lee. However, she has one sister called Anita.


Judy applied for her first job in journalism during the spring break of her senior year at Duke. Later on, she got her job as a secretary in the news department of the ABC affiliate in Atlanta. Besides that, she was a secretary. She presented the weather forecast on Sundays in her last six months at the station. After a year Judy moved to the local CBS affiliate WAGA-TV in 1970, working as a reporter. She covered the Georgia State Legislature and anchored the noon and evening news.

Apart from that, she served as a general-assignment reporter in 1975 after she moved to NBC. Eventually, woodruff was assigned to cover Jimmy Carter’s successful 1976 presidential campaign for NBC. In 1977 on 20th January woodruff moved to Washington, D.C. to become a White House correspondent for NBC News.  She continued covering the White House into the Reagan presidency until 1982.

However, she moved to  PBS and became the chief Washington correspondent for The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour in 1983. Besides reporting on politics, she conducted studio interviews and served as a backup anchor. Later on, she left NewsHour for CNN, though she had hesitated to take the job for four months after she was considered by Tom Johnson in 1993. Basically, she started anchoring the political talk show inside Politics, which was aired on weekdays.

The daily world affairs program CNN WorldView launched in 1995, with Woodruff and Shaw as hosts. So, she became the sole host of CNN WorldView after shaw retired in February 2001. During her time at CNN, she has also co-anchored CNN’s election coverage and the news shows. Woodruff left CNN in June 2005 after her contract expired in order to teach, write, and work on a long-form television project.

Come back at PBS

In 2006 she started working for  MacNeil/Lehrer Productions on the multi-media project Generation Next: Speak Up. Eventually, she returned to NewsHour with Jim Lehrer as a special correspondent that same year. In December 2009, the news program moved to a dual anchor format and changed its name to PBS NewsHour. Jim Lehrer acted as the main anchor later joined by Woodruff, Gwen Ifill, and Jeffrey Brown.

Judy Woodruff’s Net worth

Judy Carline Woodruff is a broadcast journalist from America who has a net worth that is around $ 10 million dollars. With her many years of experience serving as a broadcast journalist, she has done a remarkable job.

Judy Woodruff Husband

Woodruff is the wife of AL Hunt who is also an American journalist. The couple got married in 1980 till to date.

Is Judy Woodruff retired?

She is a broadcast journalist who is currently serving at PBS News Hour as an anchor and managing editor.


Judy has three lovely children

  • Lauren Hunt
  • Benjamin Hunt
  • Jeffrey Hunt

Judy Woodruff Awards

  1. Peabody Award for Journalistic Integrity
  2. National Television Food Journalism


  1. “This is Judy Woodruff at the White House”
  2. President Carter: interview on “Meet the Press”. Jimmy Carter

Judy Woodruff Illness

Woodruff is expected to leave the desk in early 2023. However, she is to continue to lead the program through this year’s mid-term election. At the moment she has not disclosed any information relating to her health condition to the public, even though there are speculations that she might be having health issues.

Is Judy Woodruff ill?

At the moment she has not disclosed any information relating to her health condition to the public, even though there are speculations that she might be having health issues.

How old is Judy Woodruff?

Currently, she is at the age of 76 years as of 2021. She was born on the year 20th November 1946 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.